Jobs for 16 year olds

October 29, 2013 | Comments Off on Jobs for 16 year olds

Children are growing up fast into adulthood now. The age has become irrelevant nowadays. To my mind come the words of an actress who remained anonymous but made a comment about her working as an actor as a child and now as a woman actor. She said that she grew equivalent of several years for every year that she worked as s child. The hands on experience that any person at any age can get by actually performing a task cannot be matched by education only.

The theory in form of school and college education forms a fabulous base but it is not until we have carried out a certain action that we can talk about out our own experience which is purely unique and original. The job hiring processes all over the world and in all the countries are becoming conscious of the need to identify and develop certain job skills among youth as soon as possible. They have in fact especially created jobs for 16 year olds to facilitate this. The need to inculcate these at young age is supported in the research by psychologists and scientists who emphasize that young mind is more impressionable and quick to learn, although there are always exceptions to the rule.